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True2you Therapy

Helping Families Grow

Located in  Plymouth and Surrounding Areas

Telephone: 07747865870

Email: [email protected]


So​metimes, the problems we face  just don't go away on their own.  When Children and families need support with particular issues,  professionals can help.

I am an experienced therapist based in Plymouth.  My client list includes young people aged 3 - 18,  families, local authorities, fostering and adoption agencies.

Call me today, or make contact via the website, for a friendly, confidential chat about your needs


Play and Creative Arts Therapies are effective and often powerful interventions to help people achieve changes in their emotional lives, thoughts and behaviour. 

Based on sound theoretical principles, these techniques allow a different type of communication about inner experiences to traditional ‘talking therapies.’

Families can become locked in their ways of relating. 

Family therapy can help them move forwards to renewed healthier and happier relationships.

Families in trauma have quite specific needs, therapeutic interventions with a focus on  attachment, DDP and PACE,  can have a powerful effect.

Therapeutic Parenting is a highly nurturing parenting approach, with empathy at it’s core.

Therapeutic parenting can help to respond to children and young people  with empathy using the PACE model (Playfulness to connect and diffuse a situation, Acceptance of the child whilst not accepting of aggression, Curiosity to detect your child’s need, all steeped in Empathy).​

What customers are saying

Testimonial - Hi Jo - Thought I'd let you know how S is doing, she is now in the last few weeks of year 6. Her confidence has grown and grown, she still has the odd dip but I think I have S back. In April she sang and danced in front of 300 people and has recently got one of the leading parts in the end of year production at school. Thank you for helping her to achieve!

BRILLIANT - This has been brilliant for my daughter! She has anxiety and Jo has worked with her doing play therapy. She has really enjoyed her sessions and I can see real improvement with her.  It's given her a safe and confidential place to discuss her feelings and emotions with no judgement. Thank you so much for all your hard work with my daughter. I'm sure we will be back for top up sessions if needed in the future 🥰