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Children, adolescents  and  families all need support at some point In their lives with issues that just won’t go away  – I am an experienced therapist based in Plymouth offering therapeutic services to individuals aged 3 -18 yrs, families, local authorities, fostering agencies and schools 

Call me today, or make contact via the website, for a friendly, confidential chat about your needs


"Hi Jo - Thought I'd let you know how S is doing, she is now in the last few weeks of year 6.  Her confidence has grown and grown, she still has the odd dip but I think I have S back. In April she sang and danced in front of 300 people and has recently got one of the leading parts in the end of year production at school. Thank you for helping her to achieve!"


"the therapy is definitely helping M. He is telling us a lot more what he feels ie. your making me angry, I'm trying to think etc. - Thank you!"

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